born between orchids

Wonders of Amsterdam is a concept of Dutch orchid grower Ewoud Meeuwissen. Born between orchids he loved this flower since he was a little boy.

fascination for orchids

Together with his father, a grower, he travelled the world in search of orchids as his fascination grew and grew. Although he studied and worked in business life, the orchid nursery of his father never left his mind.

from amsterdam to asia

Living in the centre of Amsterdam, his dream came about to grow his own unique serie of orchids for this historical city. This dream became reality during a journey to Taiwan. After visiting several orchid growers and breeders they arrived at a small greenhouse.


The moment Ewoud told the Taiwanese breeder about Amsterdam, he picked his most special orchid, pink with purple and red drawings. ‘Just like a Rembrandt painting' he said. This inspired Ewoud to create Wonders of Amsterdam.

innovative orchids for all

Driven by his passion for orchids, Ewoud has only one goal: to make as many people as possible happy with these exclusive flowers. The beauty and complexity of the orchid is the greatest motivation for father and son Meeuwissen. Introducing people to special and innovative orchids that fall outside the scope of the production process: the 'out-of-the-box' orchid. Orchids with extraordinary ornamental value.

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