about wonders of amsterdam

From very humble beginnings, a little village grew to become one of the world's greatest melting pots. Its rich history, as well as the diversity of its population, formed the inspiration for this unique series of orchids.

the golden age

Mid 1600 Holland was flourishing in trade, science and arts: the Golden Age. A time of exploration and travel, discovering a wider world. The Dutch trading company VOC conquered an important position in trade overseas. It was in Amsterdam, capital of Holland, where the enormous ships entered and brought spectacular treasures from all over the world.

exotic treasures

One of these treasures were tropical discoveries. Exotic plants and fruits which were embraced immediately. But people were especially captivated by this one, rare beauty: the orchid. In a time when the arts of gardening was blooming, this wonderful flower was a true treasure and enriched encounters of its wealthy owner in orangeries and treasures houses.

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born between orchids

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